About Us

YoWash’s mission is to create the best laundry experience for our customers, and that is why we say “experience the difference”.

All of our new, beautiful, modern laundromats are filled with the latest modern machinery, including our Speed Queen touch control washer and dryers which ensure our customers get the perfect wash & dry with every wash. One of our main priorities is to create a safe, friendly, customer focused and comfortable environment where people enjoy coming to do their laundry.

Cleanliness is another key component for any laundromat during the current pandemic, so that is why YoWash takes cleanliness seriously. Regular hot water doesn’t do the job of sanitizing or killing viruses and bacteria, and that’s exactly why we have chosen to go a different route to our competitors by using Ozone technology. The sanitizing Ozone technology that we use kills 99% of all viruses and bacteria. This technology is included FREE for every cold wash so that customers get to experience the hospital style sanitizing that Ozone provides.

YoWash customers will also have the added benefit knowing that by using our laundromat, you are making a difference to the environment and to the community. To put it simply, “We Care”.

At YoWash, we thank and appreciate everyone of you for choosing YoWash as your community laundromat.

Enviromentally responsible

At YoWash we are encouraging our customers to think green by using our stores.

Some of the green thinking YoWash delivers on are:

  • Recycling
  • No need to use hot water – YoWash offers FREE ozone to every customer, ozone kills 99% of viruses and bacteria without the use of hot water
  • Less detergents and soap powders – By using ozone, the need to use detergents is dramatically reduced due to how ozone reacts with the contaminants in your clothes
  • Fast cycle wash options – On all our washers the option to use the fast cycle which further reduces water and power
  • Reduced utility costs – Our state of the art high efficiency equipment use on average 0.8 gallons per pound of laundry. The average household washer uses 2.0 gallons per pound which is 100% more water usage than YoWash efficient machines. Our gas powered dryers save on electricity
  • Environmentally friendly laundry products are used in our Wash and Fold Department
  • Dryer balls are used in our Wash and Fold Department which reduce the drying time and cuts out the need for chemical filled dryer sheets
  • Donating clothes that are left behind for charity
  • LED lighting – All of our lights are fitted with LED lights which reduces the electricity


YoWash is at the forefront of innovation. Our laundromats provide:

  • Ozone, the ultimate in sanitizing – FREE ozone to customers with every wash in cold water
  • New ways to pay – no coins required, instead our YoWash cards allow our customers to load credit on their cards by either using cash, debit, or credit card. Simple to use, secure and convenient. Make sure you register your card and in the event that you lose it, any balance on your card can be transferred to a new card in-store.
  • Text notifications to your phone letting you know when your laundry is finished
  • We use Speed Queen intuitive touchscreen machines which allow our customers to easily choose a selection of different speed and wash cycles and they know what they are paying for. Multiple language options and clear descriptions ensure every customer gets exactly the wash and dry they desire.
  • High efficiency machines mean less time spent at the laundromat < 1 hour
  • Automatic doors for easy entry
  • FREE WiFi


  • Beverage and snack vending machines
  • Air Conditioning
  • Video Surveillance for your safety
  • Soap and detergent vending machines – in case you left yours at home
  • Smart TVs for your entertainment
  • Charging ports for your devices
  • Spacious
  • Carts for moving your laundry throughout the laundromat


Giving back to our community is a top priority for YoWash:

  • YoWash has a Community Washer and Dryer program where 25% of the revenue of these nominated washers and dryers is donated to local charities on a quarterly basis. Charities will be chosen based on needs and requests and will be spread across the community.
  • YoWash will be holding various free laundry events annually along with implementing new ways to give back to the community. More information will be posted on our website in the future.