Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

The hours that we are open can vary between stores, so if you would like to find out the hours of a specific store, then please refer to our location page and then to the appropriate YoWash store.

Each machine, both washer and dryer, has either a basket symbol or a electronic screen which indicates the correct size for that specific machine.

You will be able to get a YoWash laundry card from our card Kiosk. Once you have registered your card, you will automatically receive loyalty amounts. (This is only currently for the Bradenton location)

Yes, we have a vending machines with a good selection of known and quality brands.

Yes, we are fully attended for all our stores.

Card Questions:

Inside each laundromat we have Card Kiosks. Your card is free and you can use either cash, Debit card, Credit card or Google Play to add credit to your card. You can keep using the same card over and over again by simply re-loading credit once you have used it up. Overall it is very easy to use and understand.

In the event that you lose your registered YoWash card, we will be able to check your balance as well as issue you a new card to transfer your existing balance onto.

Your laundry card will be able to operate the washers, dryers, vending machines, as well as the restrooms.

Wash & Fold Questions:

No. We never mix customers items with each other, they will all be separate.

Our regular Wash & Fold service will have your items ready for pickup the next day after 5:00PM (EST). With our premium same day service, you will be able to drop off before midday and pick up your items after 5:00PM (EST), all on the same day.

As long as you notify us within 48 hours we will be able to check video recording so we are able to view all garments were supplied to us or if we have lost anything. Damaged clothes will be noted when the garments are being sorted prior to washing. Customers will be notified of any damaged clothing.

We strongly recommend that any known delicate clothing is not included in your laundry and that you use either a specialist dry cleaner or hand wash your delicates at home.

We offer each customer the option whether they want folded or hung. We don’t charge any extra for hangers.

Unfortunately, you cannot bring your own detergent to use for wash and fold service. We do however have a large selection of detergents including non allergic products that can be requested if wanted.